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Creating impact by providing experiential learning, anywhere, anytime.


Revolutionising learning.

Contexts are changing and Complexity is growing at a rapid pace. This means that the methods and tools that worked before are becoming irrelevant. Leaders, teams and organisations need to adopt new ways of working and thinking. Our dream is to revolutionise the way we connect, engage and learn to face 21st-century challenges.

Walking our talk.

We are bringing together cutting-edge technology and some of the best hidden and brightest minds in the field of experiential learning and online expertise on our digitally native learning ecosystem. We aim to lower the barrier towards experiential learning and create capacity to thrive in Complexity.

In a nutshell:

  • Connect: benefit from in-person connection in a virtual world.
  • Engage: become part of a community of equally eager continuous learners.
  • Learn: dive into a series of super-interactive virtual courses on our digital platform.

Our co-leaders draw inspiration from a multitude of sources!

Exploring "edutainment"

We believe learning needs to come easy. That's why all we do is experience-driven. We don't do "Death by PowerPoint", and we are big advocates of co-leadership to accelerate the integration of new material. Our promise to you is that you will get what you signed up for, learned a ton, made new virtual friends and had some fun along the way!

"A fully virtual contextual-aware learning programme in bite-size chunks for leaders, teams and organisations that are looking to learn differently. Hands-on, our trainings aim to create novel practices rather than best practices that do not apply to your specific context."

Disruption begins with you.

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Leadership is

There is nothing like the real thing to connect, engage and learn! Join us live for an experience to be engraved in your memory. Whether it is for an information cast, an "Ask Us Anything" session or a virtual live course! You can find an overview of our upcoming events here.

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You can find an overview of our upcoming live interactions here.

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Tailored solutions.

Are you dreaming of having a learning solution like ours running inside your organisation? Do you need support in any of the areas we are training on as practitioners? Find out more about crafting a customised solution for your specific wishes to connect, engage and learn. Get in touch.


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